Hi. I'm Anna ūüíÉūüŹľ

I’m a human-centered designer who is excited to solve design challenges. I have a strong build measure-learn mindset and I want to create something meaningful for the users and business.

Work Experience

Leanheat Service Designer


Work responsibilities

  • User research among limited liability housing companies in order to understand their purchase decision making
  • Improve sales process in B2B and B2C with gained knowledge
  • Redesign communication and marketing materials
  • Facilitate customer-centricity
  • Improve company‚Äôs processes and culture


I gained a lot of knowledge about district heating business and I became more confident in doing user research. I was able to apply service design methods like customer journey mapping, buyer personas and prototyping in different contexts.

Elisa Viihde Software developer trainee


Work responsibilities

  • Develop Elisa Viihde set-top-box software using JavaScript
  • Create banners with Sketch and handle the updates to highlight content in the set-top-box application
  • Suggest user experience improvment for the new set-top-box
  • Ideate new ways to find content to watch


I learnt to do product development in an agile way because I was part of a Scrum team. I acknowledged how important it is to provide easy way to find content to watch. It was super interesting to develop a service for consumers which is widely used in Finland.

Exove Developer


Work responsibilities

  • Build and style user interface elements for websites
  • Take care of usability and user experience
  • Basic web development using WordPress and Drupal


At Exove I gained experience from consultant work from different projects. I understood the importance of communication with the client as well as with the team. I learnt to organise work between projects and got familiar with agile working ways.

Yle Plusdesk Front-end developer


Work responsibilities

  • Plan news articles together with journalists and other team members
  • Build and style interactive news applications and articles using jQuery, HTML and CSS
  • Make sure everything is mobile friendly and usable


I learned to apply skills that I had learnt from school in real-life setting. I got excited to transform ideas and wishes into real working things which were read and used by thousands of Finnish people. I saw how important team work is to get things done.


Yle Plusdesk (examples in Finnish)

Different layouts for news

These feature news are different from the normal news article and the main focus is in storytelling and the visuals. My responsibility was to prototype different kinds of storytelling forms and then to plan and execute the layouts done by graphic designers. I also had a role in proof reading and commenting the article itself. Example projects: Unohdettujen kylä, Kiire syntyy pään sisällä, Ylen suuri olutopas, Vallan huipulla

Tests where the user gets feedback based on answers

Tests are somewhat popular forms to give the users different kind of interaction to learn something new or to give the user ability to compare themself with the rest of population. Examples tests: Lapsen kasvatusta vai väkivaltaa? Testaa tietämyksesi voimankäytön rajoista, Seksi: Kuinka hyvää, montako kumppania? Vertaa itseäsi muuhun Suomeen

Services which are based on data

Data visualization and interactive way to explore data is a chanche to give the user to ability to learn and explore the data how they want it. In these projects I requested and worked with the data and coded the end result. Example project: Mikä on Suomen yleisin nimipäivä? Se selviää Ylen nimipäiväkoneesta

Yle example screenshots

About Me

Age: 26

Location: Helsinki/Espoo

Education: M.Sc. (Tech), Information Networks 2019
Bachelor of Engineering in Media technology 2016

Skills: Design, user research, service and product design, strategic thinking, front-end development, teamwork, working under pressure, jokes, playing the piano

Hobbies: Football and futsal, swimming, crosswords, running, gym, Netflix, reading, traveling, playing guitar

Random: If you hear a loud laugh somewere, that's probably me. I like rollercoasters but back and forth swinging devices make me nauseous. I want to learn surfing. I'm a sports fan and a competitive person. I love summer and the Sun, the hotter the better. I need coffee for life. I watch horror movies eyes closed.